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Mascots have been an integral part of team sports for decades. By definition they are known to bring team’s good fortune, and often have their own unique personalities. We trust the fans who have met our moose brothers will strongly agree with both notions.

Broose D’Moose is the original official mascot of the Sanford Mainers Baseball Team. He was born in the spring of 2002 the team’s inaugural season tagged by the winner of a “name the mascot” contest.

He was embraced by the fans from the onset, and soon loved by all children. He could be seen in the stands and on the field throughout the games mingling with the fans, interacting with the team and trying to play some of the on field games with the children.

Broose soon learned to dance and claimed ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ as his theme song. He performed his dance on top of the third base dugout with the fans clapping and cheering him on. During the winter of 2005-2006 Broose elected to lose weight and get in shape. At the opening day game for the 2006 season a new slim and trim Broose was unveiled. The fans immediately noticed and praised the slender new statured moose. Broose admitted his motivation was to help the team by getting in better shape.  Unfortunately moose are not allowed to play In Mainer games; buts agreed he would continue to proudly represent the team as their mascot. He has maintained his trim figure and still seen dancing on the third base dugout, mingling with the fans and getting hugs from children of all ages.

Broose makes appearances in Sanford and surrounding communities throughout the year. He has been seen at: baseball games, school functions, May Day Parades, Sanford 4th of July parades, Alfred Festival Parades, Little League opening days, Holly Village in Sanford, birthday parties, Alzheimer Walks and Strut your Mutt  walks. He participated in the Portland Sea Dogs Mascot Kickball Game one year before one of their games.

Broose returns this season anxious to see all his old friends and make many new friends.

See you at the Park!


Broose  recruiting future Mooseketeers at the Cumberland County Civic Center, in Portland, ME.

Brother Love – Boomer and Broose enjoying a night out at the Holly Daze Parade.

Boomer savoring a gorgeous summer evening at Goodall Park and another Mainers victory.

Boomer was born in the spring of 2006 and is the little brother of Broose D’Moose.

He arrived at the Sanford Mainers Welcome Back festivities in a police car with the siren sounding announcing the arrival of our “special guest”.  Whispers could be heard throughout the crowd as people wondered who was going to be getting out of the police car. Boomer was shy as he stepped out of the car but was soon made to feel at home by the fans and especially the children in attendance.

He was nameless when he arrived at the park because his parents, from Jackman, Maine, wanted the fans to provide it.   A contest was held from the with the resulting new little mascot named, BOOMER (reportedly after named after the legendary 1st baseman of the ’67 Red Sox, George “the Boomer” Scott”).

Boomer quickly followed in his old brother’s footsteps becoming an integral part of the team. He enjoys being involved in the on-field games, mingling with the fans and riding the Moose Mobile during the games. He especially enjoys going on the field and leading the fans during the singing of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’.

Boomer has also appeared many places in Sanford and surrounding communities: Sanford 4th of July parades, Alfred Festival Parades, Little League opening days, Strut Your Mutt walks, Alzheimer Awareness Walks, birthday parties and school functions.

Boomer is anxious for the season to start so he can see all his old friends and make new ones. He wants to be sure that everyone know he has missed them over the winter and he can’t wait to see them at the park!

Broose and Boomer making new friends at OpeningDay for Sanford Little League.

Lift off! The two Mainers mascots wait to get on the RE/MAX hot air balloon.

Play ball! Broose and Boomer gather around a few little leaguers during their Opening Day.




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