Sanford – A Beloved Baseball City

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A baseball city with a small town feel.

Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game - and do it by watching
first some high school or small-town teams.
Jacques Barzun

Sanford, Maine

Some towns are football communities, others love basketball.  Sanford is a baseball town through and through.

The centerpiece of our community isn’t a museum or a community park or a lake, all of which we have, instead it is a baseball stadium called Goodall Park, located in the heart of our community just  beyond the Town Hall.

The park is a jewel that has welcomed the likes of Babe Ruth, who played there on October 3, 1919.  Although the original park burned down in the late 1990s it was rebuilt almost immediately by committed citizens and reopened with even better seating and facilities in April 1999.

Goodall Park hosts high school teams, club teams such as the American Legion, Babe Ruth and even the University of Maine.  For the last nine years, however, our premier team has been the Sanford Mainers from the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

Mainers  games provide professional-level baseball at very affordable prices right here in Sanford.  Where else for $5 can you sit in comfortable stadium seating right behind home plate with friends, neighbors and family and really enjoy baseball the way it use to be? No place that I know of, and that is probably why the Mainers play to capacity or near-capacity crowds each game.

So if you are looking for something fun to do, come to Sanford and watch some real baseball with a great bunch of people!

Mark Green
Former Sanford Town Manager

— June 2010




Laconia Muskrats

Laconia Muskrats
Sanford Mainers

Sanford Mainers

Fri Jun 05 @ 6:30PM
Sat Jun 06 @ 6:30PM -
First home game of the year